Trip to New York City

November 26-29, 2003

As Thankgiving break approached Erin and I began making travel plans to go home for our traditional family feasts. As we searched for airline tickets we found that prices were no longer being affected by military conflict on the other side of the world. Feeling that the rates were a little high for just a glorified weekend, we decided to do something a little different.  Erin had been wanting to go to New York City since she moved to New Hampshire a year and a half ago. Now seemed like a good time, we could go see the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. So we shifted our collective planning skills to finding our way into and around New York City.

The planning was a daunting task as neither of us knew anything about traveling to NYC.  We bought a Frommer's Guide and did a lot of reading on the web. Slowing we began to understand the basics. Justin resolved a New York quandry that had bothered him for years -- New York City planners seemed to think it was sane to have two streets that are numbered intersect.  For example you can be at the corner of 42nd and 6th. This is because 42nd Street runs (roughly) east and west while 6th Avenue runs (roughtly) north and south. So streets are E/W and avenues are N/S. With this revelation the level of navigational confusion dropped considerably.

Just in case, however, Justin put MTA Subway maps on his Pocket PC. We also used DeLorme Street Atlas for Pocket PC. Between the two of these we were able to prevent getting lost. Which is sort of amazing, especially in the case of the first few trips on the subway -- as far as we could tell you never know where you're going to pop up at street level when you exit the stop.

The trip was a wild success.  We saw the Broadway production Rent, watched the Macy's Parade, visited the Empire State Building observatory, rode through Central Park in a horse drawn carriage, had Thanksgiving dinner at the Regency Hotel, saw the Statue of Liberty and went to the opening night of the New York Ballet's Nutcracker.

We took 270 pictures. Fortunately they were digital so we didn't have to pay for getting them developed! Of all the photos, 101 made the cut to be posted here with brief descriptions written by us.  They're organized into sets by date and location where they were taken.  They're posted in the order we took them so there may be pictures of similar things in more than one set. We had a great time taking them, hopefully they'll be fun to look at too!